Nachos and The Silver Lining

Rob and I recently purchased a 23" Airstream International, dubbed The Silver Lining, and decided to take it to Flagstaff, Arizona, for the first big trip. As a surprise for Rob's birthday, I smuggled the ingredients for his favorite Beef Nachos with Fresh Tomato and Jalapeño Salsa onto the coach. I stashed the cookware under the bed, buried pre-made ingredients and toppings in a cooler, and the precious tomatoes and avocados were stowed in an Amazon box so as to not look suspicious. A covert operation. Thankfully, we had so much stuff with us that Rob never had a clue until I busted out the tomatoes one morning and announced I'd be making salsa.

My tiny but mighty kitchen worked like a charm, aside from the moment when I loaded up the baking dish with nachos only to discover that it didn't fit in the oven. Doh. As potential solutions flew through my brain, I managed to just barely shut the oven door by angling the Pyrex dish and propping it up slightly on one side. Snug as a bug in a tortilla. Maybe it was the mountain air (or those incredible Early Girl tomatoes), but they were some of the best nachos I've made.

The constraints of cooking a clandestine Airstream meal made me realize how much easier it is to prepare the nacho components ahead of time. It's a great way to simplify a weeknight dinner or weekend party dish so I've added a "make ahead" section to the recipe post. In terms of the salsa, I opted for the quick and delicious "drain" method in this recipe since the tomatoes were perfect. Less is more when the ingredients are in peak form.

The Silver Lining's Entry

New Content

With the Airstream comes a new section on Chic Eats (see up top) where all of the RV-related posts will live. There's a lot that goes into buying a travel trailer from enhancements and checklists to stocking it with essentials. Rob and I have meticulously documented every step of our process and I'll be including some of that information in articles published under the new section. RV-specific posts (i.e. food-free posts) won't be in the main Chic Eats RSS feed.

What's in a Name?

The name "The Silver Lining" came to me one day while I was thinking about my husband. He is without a doubt the single most optimistic human I have ever met and, even after 15 years together, inspires me to be the best and most positive version of myself. Rob not only sees the silver lining in difficult situations, he does so consistently and with genuine enthusiasm. The proverbial light appeared over my head when I realized that our Airstream and its infinite potential for happy adventures reminded me of Rob's sunny outlook - it was The Silver Lining. I started referring to the coach by that name and it not only stuck but seems to universally make people smile. Sunshine or rain, The Silver Lining is all that and a bag of chips.

Flagstaff, Arizona

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