Summer at the Santa Monica Farmers Market

The quiet of an early morning is something I truly value. The air smells like fresh coffee while the empty streets await all of us little humans. Early mornings are especially nice at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. It's officially(!!) that time of year when there aren't enough days in the week to cook all of the incredible eats that California has to offer. The other day Rob sent me this image, and I'd say it's quite accurate in both tone and message. Memes are the truth-tellers of our generation.

I've been arriving at the market about 45 minutes before it opens so I can see what's new prior to my favorite stands become trading pits. Market mornings have also been helping me learn how to use the manual setting on my camera...100 photos of broccolini at a time.

Below is some of what's currently in season at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, all of which is on our counter or in the refrigerator. (Info about the farmers and food at the bottom.)

From top to bottom:

  • Windrose Farm - Farmer Barbara's Santa Rosa plums are a perfect snack. Sweet with just enough tartness from the skin.
  • Regier Family Farms - Rob is a huge fan of white peaches so I pick up yellow for baking and white for snacking. Not only is Regier's fruit fantastic, but the entire team (most of which is family during the summer) is beyond friendly and helpful.
  • Peacock Family Farms - Ah yes, the flame grapes. It's only the first week for Peacock's grapes but I still found them to have a great "snap" and sweetness. Murray Family Farms also has a delicious selection.
  • Milliken Family Farms - I like to use Milliken's heirloom garlic and Persian cucumbers for my Sriracha pickles.
  • Harry's Berries - Strawberries are available practically all year but right now they're extra special. I've been eating my roasted berries almost every morning with Sugar-free Homemade Granola and Greek yogurt. Also, don't miss their fantastic cherry tomatoes. I prefer traditional over sweetheart since the juiciness lends itself to roasting.
  • Maggie's Farm - Gorgeous greens, tomatoes, herbs, and even fresh coriander seed were on display this week. I hear they have eggs but haven't mustered the strength to compete in the Barney's-warehouse-sale jockeying that ensues when folks are trying to get them. I did however take home a bag of delicate baby spinach and several different herbs for some weekend cooking.
  • Weiser Family Farms - Pepper, pepper, peppers. And peppers.
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